Child Care

Simplified HomeCare arranges child care services from the start, matching experienced caregivers with families of all shapes, sizes and needs.

Childrens Nanny

Live-In/Live-Out Nanny

A popular outcome of the federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, families in need of experienced child care and household support can directly employ a nanny (minimum 40 hours per week) who is willing to be live-in.


For families who don’t require full-time care, or are unable to accommodate a live-in caregiver for any reason, live-out nannies provide opportunities for flexible child care options, such as after-school care and contracted babysitting.

Nanny Support

Household Support

Many caregivers bring a host of skills to the home, and can support basic household needs, such as:

    • Cooking and meal preparation
    • Cleaning and basic household maintenance
    • Driving, carpooling and errands

Simplified Homecare Caregiver

Looking for a Caregiver?

We have over 25 years of experience recruiting and providing support for skilled caregivers. We find, qualify and do reference and criminal record checks for all caregivers.