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The very thought of healthcare as a product, instead of an essential service, has often been reviled in nations where it has traditionally been almost entirely publicly funded.


Genuine Senior CareAnd yet, the moment public funding is withdrawn for specific benefits, the health system becomes a marketplace of products. The public becomes consumers, and private funds are used to obtain the best care possible for loved ones.



It’s a system that has, for many years, turned the Canadian healthcare system into a PPP (public private partnership) of sorts, and yet because it has been such a slow process, it has not yet been accepted as reality.


Employer-funded health premiums…exemption of prescription drug benefits…limits on homecare and palliative care benefits…these are all the factors that have driven consumers to consider how to take health care provisioning into their own hands, to get the care their loved ones deserve.


The idea of consumer choice is the new reality in Canadian healthcare, and nowhere is it more of an issue than with senior care, palliative care, child care and disability care.


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