HomeCare Assessment

Prepared by a qualified social worker, nurse or gerontologist, the Simplified Homecare Assessment is used to evaluate a client’s physical condition, cognitive state, needs, self-care capability, and any environmental, financial or social circumstances that should be recognized. The primary outcome of the Homecare Assessment are the recommendations of our professional staff for the quality and quantity of homecare services and support best suited for our clients.


The objective of the Homecare Assessment is to support the course of homecare to be delivered to the client, including the caregiver match. We take the entire process of identifying, qualifying and placing live-in and live-out caregivers very seriously.


A HomeCare Assessment is an optional service – let us know if you want to talk to one of our professionals.

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Simplified Homecare Caregiver

Looking for a Caregiver?

We have over 25 years of experience recruiting and providing support for skilled caregivers. We find, qualify and do reference and criminal record checks for all caregivers.