Payroll Services

If you employ a caregiver in your home, you now have the option to allow Simplified HomeCare to manage payroll services on your behalf, including:

Payroll Account Set Up
Payroll Account Set-up with Canada Revenue Agency
Direct Deposit
Bi-Weekly Direct Deposit to Your Employee(s)
Payroll Adjustments
Includes Payroll Adjustments at No Extra Cost, Such as Wage Rate Changes and Lump-Sum Payments

Why Use Our Payroll Services?

If you’d like to stop handling all the paperwork related to paying your employee, we’ll take care of it all!
    • Just $75/month per employee ($10/mo. per additional employee)
    • Annual T4s, Records of Employment
    • Administration of all source deductions (EI, CPP, etc.) and vacation pay
Simplified Homecare Caregiver

Looking for a Caregiver?

We have over 25 years of experience recruiting and providing support for skilled caregivers. We find, qualify and do reference and criminal record checks for all caregivers.