Company Profile

Simplified HomeCare is a combination of a placement agency and a home support agency, but with a few important differences.

We feel that we are unlike a typical placement agency in that we screen and qualify all potential caregivers for our clients based on their specific needs, and we’re there from first interview through your Simplified Guarantee 90-day guarantee period , and beyond (contact us for details). This allows us to maintain a very high placement success rate.

Simplified Homecare Vancouver caregiver

We are different than home support agencies because once we’ve found you a caregiver, you can work with them directly. We will only provide you added services and support at your request – otherwise, once you’ve paid your placement and any related processing fees, you won’t receive another bill from Simplified HomeCare.

Simplified HomeCare brings over 30 years of combined experience in the health care and placement fields to our clients across British Columbia. It is our goal to be the leading provider of homecare professionals in Western Canada.

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