The Simplified HomeCare Team

Simplified HomeCare Team

Gord Kushner


Gord has been a leader and a visionary in BC’s healthcare sector for over 20 years. Gord’s career began in 1989 as the Director of Educational Services for Family Resource Institute, the first vocational school in British Columbia to deliver Resident Care Attendant training, putting over 4,000 Nurses Aides through the program in 14 years. As a Manager of VanCare Home Support Services from 2000-2004, Gord managed the delivery of home-based care and services to the elderly and people with disabilities. Gord founded Simplified HomeCare in 2003, and since 2006, has served on the Board of Directors for Haro Park Centre Campus of Care (including past Chair), which provides independent housing, assisted living and complex care, allowing elders the opportunity to age in place. Gord has a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Biological Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Gord is married with two children.

Simplified HomeCare Team

Ella Guiyab

Support Services Coordinator

Ella is responsible for caregiver recruitment, processing and placement at Simplified HomeCare, and coordinating care delivery to clients.

Simplified HomeCare Team

Colin Stein

Business Development / Communications

Colin consults for Simplified HomeCare in the areas of communications, marketing and operations. Colin brings almost 20 years of experience designing, managing and delivering customer-facing programs and experiences in the public and private sectors, including economic development, financial services, technology, media and publishing, and sports and entertainment. Colin has a BA(H) degree in Sociology from Queen’s University, and is married with two children.

Our Professional Network

Simplified HomeCare has works in affiliation with healthcare specialists that include:


Occupational Therapists

Registered Nurses

Social Workers

Our Role

We utilize our professional network to provide assessment and ongoing support for clients looking to secure any of our homecare services, such as personal health assessments, periodic home visits, and “on call” emergency visits.

If you have specific needs related to your homecare arrangement and would like to find out more about talking to a healthcare professional with specific expertise, contact us today.

Simplified Homecare Caregiver

Looking for a Caregiver?

We have over 25 years of experience recruiting and providing support for skilled caregivers. We find, qualify and do reference and criminal record checks for all caregivers.